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Psychedelic Trip: Romola Restaurant

Romola Restaurant immediately reminds me of the jade powder room in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s 1939 version ofThe Wizard of Oz. Its futurist aesthetic and jaw-dropping marble is a little Metropolis too – do we sit and eat and drink here, or is this an elaborate film set for a movie about beautiful robots and magical people with a penchant for green? Words for Yellowtrace. 

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A Dark Magic

David Haines’ earlier experimentation around the avant-garde end of art music eventually milked into other sensory research. “The thing about aroma and scent is that it’s quite difficult to figure out how to actually work with it.” On the dark magic of scent and sensory art with David Haines for MUSEUM. 

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Dion Horstmans: All or Nothing at All

I first met Dion about four years ago, unloading a bale of steel sculptures off the back of his oversized, roaring 1984 F100 pick up. I was his gallerist, and we were installing Night Rider – a captivating series of work that just about sold out within the first hour of opening. Visiting the home of my friend Dion Horstmans for Habitus Magazine. 

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