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Psychedelic Trip: Romola Restaurant

Romola Restaurant immediately reminds me of the jade powder room in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s 1939 version ofThe Wizard of Oz. Its futurist aesthetic and jaw-dropping marble is a little Metropolis too – do we sit and eat and drink here, or is this an elaborate film set for a movie about beautiful robots and magical people with a penchant for green? Words for Yellowtrace. 

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State of the Brunch Scene

The state of the brunch scene in Sydney is strong. It’s unrestrained, interesting and fluid. It’s layered with creativity, mastery and ingenuity, a sustainable slant and a heap of individuality. I weigh in on a savoured Sydney ritual as it stands to date, and those working hard to keep it credible—for Good Food Month. 

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The Sustainable Story

Sustainability shifts the focus away from the end point and the consumer, and throws light on the bigger picture, the whole story. Rather than purchasing produce with a generic stamp of health, sustainability advocates transparency without cutting corners. I met Martin Boetz of The Cooks Co Op and Feather and Bone's Grant Hilliard to understand their idea of sustainable produce. 

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