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Alvaro Siza Vieira Designed a Church for Rennes

Rennes isn’t really known for its contemporary architecture. I lived in Brittany’s capital city for a short 12 months, and while the sprawling Saturday produce markets (Marché des Lices) are surrounded by charming 15th century timber frame apartments that all lean a little precariously; and there are grand and romantic 18th century civil buildings, the city’s charm as I know it to be is all cheese and wine, cider and cobblestones. For Yellowtrace. 

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A 1979 G-Class Cast in 40,000 kgs of Resin

We’re now assured all cars will be driving themselves very soon, but all that amazing tech aside, design will hopefully be the lasting creative, human element in the automobile world. And it’s maybe that idea that’s inspired Mercedes-Benz to sort of fossilize a 1979 G-Class in a hefty 40,000 kg of amber coloured resin. For Yellowtrace. 

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Psychedelic Trip: Romola Restaurant

Romola Restaurant immediately reminds me of the jade powder room in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s 1939 version ofThe Wizard of Oz. Its futurist aesthetic and jaw-dropping marble is a little Metropolis too – do we sit and eat and drink here, or is this an elaborate film set for a movie about beautiful robots and magical people with a penchant for green? Words for Yellowtrace. 

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An Old Barn in Lormes

Paris-based Minnaërt Studio seems to have a budding flair for breathing new life into tired or forgotten places. Most recently, that has entailed the restoration of an old stone barn, set on the outskirts of Lormes, somewhere in the Nièvre region of central France. For Yellowtrace. 

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Knock off Nation

“The notion that replica is the ‘Robin Hood ‘of design is crazy,” says Ross Gardam. “My products use quality timbers, certified electrical components, and are made in Australia by an ethical workforce.” On the big problem of design forgery and fakes in Australia for VAULT. 

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